Tuesday, September 16, 2014

20 of the Coolest Pieces of Furniture You've Never Seen

                I've been amazed by some of the unique furnishings that pop into my social media feeds.  I'm constantly amazed by the creativity and the sheer wit behind some of these designs.  I've decided to put together a list of some of my favorites.  If you have any that everybody needs to see, go ahead and leave a comment about it at the bottom.  Sit back and be amazed!

20 Mind Blowing Furniture Designs

 1. The Capstan Expandable Star Table


The Fletcher Capstan Table is remarkable to watch unfold.  It has a star shaped cuts that help it come together.  While is is indeed one of the World's Coolest Tables, you might have to start saving up your pennies because this expandable table costs between $50k-$70k.

2. The Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin


3. Animal Chairs by Maximoriera


4. The Evolution Door/Folding Kinetic Door


5. The Inisio TV by Loewe


6. Canvas Furniture


7. The Coffee Bench


8. The Sofa Bunkbed


9. Flux Folding Chair by Douwe Jacobs


10. The Floating Table by RPR


11. Lost in Sofa


The Lost in Sofa makes it impossible to ever loose your phone in between couch cushions OR it will make even more small spaces to vanish into the oblivion. 

12. 3D Bar Table and Stools by Martin Gallagher


3D is a contemporary coffee table with nested stools.  The cylindrical form is a feat of modern architecture and modular design.

13. The Wave Desk by Robert Brou


The wave desk uses a "slice" of creative imagination to create this desk that is based on two columns, giving it a distinguishing "wave" pattern.  Made of poplar and stained with Van Dyke Brown.

14. The Mood Rocking Bed by Joe Manus


The Mood Rocking Bed can be used indoors and outdoors.   The cool thing is that it can rock or be stopped in motion using rubber stops. Designed by Joe Manus for Shriner International

15. Swinging Conference Table


With today's emphasis on creating a better workplace environment, companies like Google, Foursquare, and Genetech might want to consider one of these Swinging Conference tables to help foster a closer relationship with peers.  And it's just plain fun.  Adult's swinging on swing, live life twice. 

16. "Linger a Little Longer" Thermochromatic Table by Jay Watson


Australian designer Jay Watson designed this head turning table.  It has a thermochromatic finish that responds to the heat of your body and heat released by other objects that it comes into contact with like say a plate or a coffee mug.  It leaves a lasting impression, that only fades when the surface returns back to room temperature. 

17. Feel System Seating by Animi Causa


18. Orchid Chair 


Even though it was named as one of the "Most Ugly Chairs," it's a shame that people can't see the artistic value of the Orchid Chair.  This would be a conversation piece in a nice ranch house or a down to Earth country home.

19. Paint or Die but Love Me

Jonnou Anesing makes his message clear; Paint Me or Die...but Love Me.

20. The Ghost Chair by Design Drift


Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn presented the Ghost Chair that uses laser technology that creates the illusion of a ghost-like manifestation that is visible through a plexiglass material.  Who said bespoke furniture doesn't have a soul. 

So what do you think?  Which one is your favorite?  Which one would you never want to see in your house?


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