Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blending Victorian and Modern into the Best of Both Worlds


                Victorian Modern homes capture the decorative creativity and architectural fascination that flourished during the mid 1800's.  All we've done is spruced it up a bit and added a little modern pizzazz.  Elegant yet flashy, it grabs your attention.  It's artful, filling, and rambunctious, but only enough to get you to pay attention.  To make you curious, almost a conversation piece of sorts.  Every Victorian characteristic has a story behind it.

The Lazarus Effect
                Antiquated styles often reappear, something I like to call the Lazarus Effect.  When it does, it's not always pretty.  Some things are meant to be forgotten, and stay forgotten!  This isn't the case with Victorian.  It's so beautiful that it deserves an eternity of its own.  The problem is that it becomes overly saturated.  Too many people have their homes fashioned in this way so that it becomes too common. 

                Fast forward to the new-millennium of hipster fashion and retro design and Victorian Modern is a rediscovery of the past.  Old Victorian homes elicit character and prowess, something that modern cannot do on its own (feel free to disagree).  It affords itself to more personalization and customization, something that has "Me" written all over it.

Tips to Nail a Victorian Modern Home
                One of the best ways to blend Modern and Victorian Design is through furniture.  The furniture was a staple in these eras.  Elaborately decorated and handcrafted, there once was a time when furniture was handcrafted.  Human emotions carved out the details in these pieces; no one item was the same.  The one thing that wasn't available during this time was fabrics.  There a millions of fabric options out there nowadays. 

Not only that, the materials are much more durable (tear resistant nylons), stain-resistant, and easy to maintain.  This is where the perks of modern design begin to glimmer in the spotlight.  You get eclectic styles mixed with simple modern lines that dampen the design but not in a bad way. 

Artwork, decorative frames, and accessory hardware can all be a way to add some Victorian taste to your home.  One thing that I see happening alot is traditional Victorian furnishings decked out in bright colors.  It's evident that the piece is not from this time period but the colors let you know that it's for a reason.  It's new, it's hip, it's all that.

One Word of Caution
                Don't let this get you all swept up in arms; it is possible to mix Modern and Victorian and get it wrong.  Some of the things that I see are too much of either or pieces that fall too strongly toward one side of the design.  This can make it look forced or out of place.  Finding the right balance, the right dosage can be the difference between a Victorian Modern boom or bust. 

                I love Victorian Modern for so many reasons.  I'm going to expand on this in later posts so stick around for that.  If you've done any recent projects then I'd love to see! 

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