Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Make Your own Cloud out of Balloons

So I was browsing the internet, or more specifically pinterest (yes, you caught me) when I came across a fun DIY project that I had an idea about.  After clicking through, I landed on Serena's page from The Farm Chicks.  In just a few simple steps, you can learn how to make your own cloud.

Instantly I knew this was a creative project to try out!  What's more, you could use it in a variety of ways; it's not just some craft that you make with no intention of using.  I could easily see a fluffy white cloud floating in a girls bedroom!  You could even dye the cotton balls pink or you can buy them at School Depot if you like.

How to Make a Cloud

What You'll Need:

  1. Balloons (color doesn't matter)
  2. Cotton balls or polyester pillow stuffing
  3. Tape
  4. A bucket of water and flour.
  5. Newspaper
  6. Spray on Adhesive
  7. Plastic Tarp to protect your floor.  It's going to get messy!

Step 1:
Before we even think about getting started, let's cover up the entire work area with a tarp or painters plastic.  We don't want any of our paste getting on the carpet.

Step 2:
Next, blow up the balloons to the size that you'd like.  When you're all out of air, you can begin taping all of the balloons together.  You can make a giant cloud or make a cute and small one.  I'd make a variety of size so that the cloud looks more natural when finished. 

Step 3:
Now we'll begin mixing up our paper mache paste out of water and flour.  If you've done this before, you know it's really simple.  If not, there are some paper mache recipes over here that you can look at.  Once you mix up the paper mache, you just dip in large strips of newspaper into the paste and the "glue" them to the balloons.  This will give the balloons surface area where you will attach the cotton balls in the next step.  Make sure you get a thick layer on so that your cloud will hold together when your balloons eventually pop or deflate.  

Step 4: 
Sit around for 24 hours to let it dry.  You can think of your next DIY project by visiting my pinterest board.

Step 5: 
Now we're ready to add the finishing touches.  Apply a light layer of spray on adhesive one section at a time.  Then add the stuffing to the area.  Do this bit by bit until the entire surface of the fixture should be covered.  By this time, your project should be starting to look like a cloud. :)

Learn How to Hang Them from the Ceiling!

The first thing I thought of was hanging them directly from the ceiling.  Now I'm sure there's more than one way to do this but my first impression would be to fashion a hook/harness out of paper mache on the cloud.  Several of them would work better if you plan on making a larger cloud.  Paper mache can be a bit weighty even when it dries so make sure you use a good amount of paste and newspaper so that the cloud will be hable to hang from the fixtures.

Then you can use a thing translucent string to suspend the cloud from the ceiling.  This will make the cutest addition and it won't cost you more than a few balloons and some extra time!  

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