Tuesday, August 27, 2013


http://www.organizenow.net/why-is-the-hot-water-faucet-on-the-left-and-cold-water-on-the-right/ You could probably turn on the bathroom sink and wash your hands in the dark. Even if you’re staying the night in an unfamiliar home, you might want to flick the lights on to find where the homeowners keep their soap… but you wouldn’t need to flip a switch if all you wanted to do was rinse your hands off with some warm water. Or cold water, for that matter! Why’s that? Because in sinks across the country, the hot water knob is on the left, and the cold water is on the right. Like Australian toilets flushing the “wrong” direction, bathroom faucets in the United States are just “built that way.” This is great for those bumbling bathroom breaks in the dark dead of night, but has it ever piqued your curiosity?

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